My cultural cave, it is my literal home


We are a fundamental race us Homo sapiens, are we not? I’ve found it relative to think outside the theoretical box just for a moment and that moment takes me into a space, that needs occupying off line theory’s testing within a world composed off nothing but keyboard antics. We all need a break from the crazed social media platforms…

If you find yourself locked in the cave with no real ideas dancing upon the walls, try igniting a fire storm deep in your soul and watch it once again begin to flow.  How you ask of me? Can one find the Aristotled moments where pen meets paper, when it’s such a dimly lit place you’ve drawn around yourself. It’s simplicity in all actuality, nearly scare of any real thought patterns. Its mere inspiration that moment that touches you in such an immense pattern your mind retraces it over and over and something different comes of this process each and every time.

When you can be the light allow it, when you need the light allow it. Can you see here how the cave begins to glow again, not knowing where its rooted makes it hard to journey from within it.  The mere concept of meditation, confers with an agreement that we are all rich in a muse of one another, wouldn’t you agree? Once you obtain reasoning to the distain in your realm that you have allowed and abolish it from the cave, the writings start to surface again, making your once happy place a new place to come to, it’s your sacred space, you are in control at all times. Don’t overthink the process of love in this life, let it flow freely. If you follow you will clearly see it forges a cascading water fall which with certain attributes it will resemble your soulful wainings. Enjoy the tide my friends we all know it comes and goes. Sometimes with an adolescent humorous giggle, I find a way to navigate the rush. Yet in all the willingness to escape I chose to stay here, in this safe space I’ve created.  My cultural cave, it is my literal home.

Discover and unleash your inner child!  Timidly comforted in the crevices of the cave, fervently waiting to explore….. Set her freeeee !!!

~*~Belinda Ann~*~





Let the Heavens Rejoice! — This Thing Called Life . . .

Let the Heavens Rejoice! By Patricia Knight It was near the first century A.D., in Bethlehem of Judea, when Jesus, the Son of God, was born on earth. An angel previously had assured His mother, Mary, that Jesus would be the long-awaited Messiah promised to the Israelite nation. Shepherds visited the infant; an angelic choir […]

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Can’t you see..


cant-u-seeCan you not see I’m falling in love with you?

It started simply, as friends, in late night conversations

Then holding you while we slept, and waking to your alarm at 5am

Now, I spend my days consumed in thoughts of you

My first thought when my feet hit the floor in the morning, it’s you!

The last remnant of my sanity is always in your arms at night, where I feel safe

So why these frictions then do we readily create?

You protect your heart, with a gentleness I’ve never seen nor explored

Your innocent sweetness, it sustains me!

Can you not see I’m falling in love with you?


COL #6



I lay with you~


As bones dances on the distant Netflix screen

I lay with you; the gentle constant rhythm of your heart beat soothes me

You pull me closer, your soft lips press against mine

I am at home in your arms, a place of complete harmony

You’re soft green eyes, they look through me, I submit

My tongue begins to wander to the warm crevices of you neck, as I taste you

Your firm hand, cradles me, you brush the hair away from my face, staring now deep, right through me

I feel you against my waist; we connect through soft touches without words

I surrender my body atop yours, collapsing with you, we rest in the warmth of each other’s embrace

Your hand firmly entwined within mine, I let go of the day, just to be here with you, don’t be troubled

I lay with you; the gentle constant rhythm of your heart beat soothes me

COL #5




We stood, my hand in yours, sweetly our bodies unite

My pale cheek against the waning of your gentle heartbeat, comforts me

Your steady stance against my waist, in unison our hips begin to sway together

If only for a brief moment, it comforts me

I capture your gaze peering meaningfully into my eyes

Gently you pull me closer, your embrace relaxes me, I feel safe

Void of a melody, we move to our own natural rhythm, and it comforts me

It felt right, a moment of peaceful surrender

I am yours, if only for this moment, you comfort me!

Thank you!

COL #4

This Time~


You reach for me

I pull away

You reach for me

I turn to go

You reach for me, again

This time

I sense the sweetest tone of, “please”

I give in

You take my hand

I stride beside you

Falling now, gently into your cozy bed

I collapse into your warm embrace

Knowing it’s gonna be more

This time..

You reach for me

I gave in


COL #3



3.9 miles of pavement between us

I toss and turn not likley to make the drive

So close, yet still so far

I’m here thinking of you

Wishing you were near

Mesmerized in the remembrance of your sweet lips

I urn for more of you

Softley, my head rests on your chest

The rhythm of your subtle heartbeat

Touching my cheek lays me at ease

3.9 miles of pavement between us


COL #2

At ease in the new of you..

camp fire

The further I see into your shy soul

the more I believe, it could be ~You

that hung the Sadalsuud constellation

within my nite sky!

Only downfall is the scars he left in me

Like a burnt up starr hidden in the blister of an exploding atmospheric

24 month deceitful storm

He hid me and these intimate moments from you

his intentions, they were never true

“it” was a direction  my heart, recklessly chose!!

Imperfectly so, while wandering in his pits of despair

I teetered the edge of my true lucidity

In which I discovered what I truly need

His thoughtless moves, led me to you

I’m indebted for weathering his continuous storm

Cuz I found you!!

You’ve become a rainbow of hope, where his agony ends

Among his deceits, I wallowed in relented careless moments

So much I squandered with him, knowing it could have been you

pains me now in scarlet remorse

I cannot change the grieves of days gone by, yet today

I give you the best unrestrained version of me

I sense I’m safe with you, a place I never felt complete with him

Always, I’ll recall those  eyes, curiously gazing

You had me from that amber moonlit campfire

I foolishly left you that May nite


under the stars, wondering

I was afraid !!

Clinging to his memory, yet wanting you

So fearful of my new emotions in replacing him

Driving into the night

Traverersing that dusty road, silently,  I cursed, “NO” not again

I’m not ready Lord, yet he led into your

Striking spiral, shallow of sin

Your a new chapter to my always changing course,  this love, initiates with you

~Thank you~


Belinda   Mercado  2016

The chronicles of Linus!