from The Mythologies Of Love… ‘Unearthly View’ — Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and prose poems

Missing you, I step off the edge of routine; constrained, yet held by boundaries, the skeleton of this costume, this envelope of flesh where I cannot sleep or rest, almost a dream awake before the sudden drop to the flatlands, the crash soft, epidermal; sloughing off another season […]

via from The Mythologies Of Love… ‘Unearthly View’ — Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and prose poems

Sacrifice of a Mermaid~

wedding maid

Curiously I sit, observing a pallid young bride, grieving, through a tear stricken face

Silently, our souls begin to chant, an ache in my heart was crying for her.

The salty ocean squalls begin to churn twisting all tides of our emotion,

Celtic church bells begin to ring in the faint distances of surrender.

I get my first glimpse of him, back taunt as he goes

A vast emptiness fills the space, where memories of true love once played.

Devoid of all noise, a space lacking empathy, she intricately begins to tingle in memories.

Transcending through her, I’m suddenly there, trading places, I begin to

Breech the casting swell, she beckons transcendence, I must save her!

I retreat down the ocean steps, weeping profusely, her tears

Entering now the boundaries of their once secret meeting place.

Inundated in memories, the two of them would frolic in the cool blue tides.

Beneath the moonlit sky, they shared in moments, where no one could penetrate the space between them,  for it did not exist, they became uniquely one.

Deceived by her heart’s desire, she dreamt no more of the glass church, or weeding his path of kelp brambles.

She had grown old waiting and could no longer hang onto a tainted mirror of false memories.

In a fell swoop I entered the cool ocean tide, walking, the soft sands beneath my feet.

I  begin to pierce her changing stance, further I waded  thoughts of him began to surmise that beautiful smile he flashed in the dim alley when they first met.

It would be her last memory of this life the grimacing of the tide drew her nearer,

its center now  above her  shivering waist.

Quietly tossing her to a  depth of no return,

the diamond unfurls beneath her paled knuckle,

slowly dropping,

sinking to the ocean floor,

arrest the guiled sands of time it navigates to a salty grave!

A place among pirate souls, succumbing to a peaceful final rest.

The pain in her heart was oblique no more.

Within a mermaid’s last wish, to exchange a tear for her transcending friend.

A drifting of sweet surrender,

to the flowing sea grasses around her waist.

Entangled now  a frailing tear slips from her amber eye,

shackled by her vow of friendship, she grasps to a final fleeting breath…










An exchange of honor, sustained  by the lapping sea……



Belinda Ann~*~

Nite Notes 2017

I lay with you~


As bones dances on the distant Netflix screen

I lay with you; the gentle constant rhythm of your heart beat soothes me

You pull me closer, your soft lips press against mine

I am at home in your arms, a place of complete harmony

You’re soft green eyes, they look through me, I submit

My tongue begins to wander to the warm crevices of you neck, as I taste you

Your firm hand, cradles me, you brush the hair away from my face, staring now deep, right through me

I feel you against my waist; we connect through soft touches without words

I surrender my body atop yours, collapsing with you, we rest in the warmth of each other’s embrace

Your hand firmly entwined within mine, I let go of the day, just to be here with you, don’t be troubled

I lay with you; the gentle constant rhythm of your heart beat soothes me

COL #5




We stood, my hand in yours, sweetly our bodies unite

My pale cheek against the waning of your gentle heartbeat, comforts me

Your steady stance against my waist, in unison our hips begin to sway together

If only for a brief moment, it comforts me

I capture your gaze peering meaningfully into my eyes

Gently you pull me closer, your embrace relaxes me, I feel safe

Void of a melody, we move to our own natural rhythm, and it comforts me

It felt right, a moment of peaceful surrender

I am yours, if only for this moment, you comfort me!

Thank you!

COL #4