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THE EMPTY HOUSE Behind a set of pine trees, so big and tall they are, Where the sun shines through the branches up high. There is a house, an empty house that’s old and weathered, Around it are shrubs and a pond that rests for many years. I can feel there is a story here, […]

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A Cloudy Week of PTSD — Untangled

I want to wrap my mind and myself in a soft, comfy jacket, cover it with honey and hang out in a room with puppies, feeling the happy, drooling puppy breath that brings smiles from oozing love. I want to naturally exhale after taking a deep breath, not having to consciously remind myself to breathe, […]

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I’ll Be Your Coffee — Universe Of The Unspoken Repost~

“I’ll be your coffee” I said to him as he stared at me from across the table. The light in the room was dim and the aroma of crushed coffee beans filled the room. Somewhere in the distance a window broke. “You’ll call me coffee because you know I’m bitter and some people dislike me […]

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tell it to the rain — 420 ways to reach the sun * Repost *

tell it to the rain remind her the poetry of an absent father remind her of an empty song forget the tingling sensation of acid that surrounds you the second before the pain finds a home before the flesh turns to ask tell it to the rain remind her the love of […]

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The Strange Dream — MW the Mermaid

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Strangers in life Lovers in dream We walk pass Like we’ve never seen We kissed so deep Like we were seventeen Cold shoulders in life Warm hugs in dream Icy eyes and hot lips Stiff postures, romantic grips I search for something Anything in your eyes Are you also confused Which is dream which is […]

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