Finding Peace in your Inner Landscape — Untangled #repost

An inner landscape is a life you lead inside of yourself; a place no one else can go unless invited. Although it looks different for each of us, all inner landscapes have this in common: they are a place of refuge. If you look deep enough, you will be able to find images of your […]

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8 Reasons Why Understanding The Shortness Of Life Will Set You Free — Thought Catalog #REPOST

1. The more you embrace the reality of mortality, the wiser your decisions become. When you set out to live up to your fullest potential and create a lifestyle that’s in complete alignment with your innermost self, you’ll cut back on squandering your time with distractions, spending on frivolous things, and being in the company…

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There Is More To This Life—Go Get It — Thought Catalog

Joanna NixThere is more to this life than meaningless conversations, than getting drunk on the weekends, watching your days slip by in an endless stream of sleep and wake. More than the same routines, same beer, same people. More than staring at the television with the window shades drawn, trying to make the night go…

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Book cover choices… hoo hum!

Good Lord am I having a hard time!!  Trying to pick a book cover for my first ever book (short story) that is being published !!!!! Yeah! Im taken back going through my online photos, they are all putting a smile in my heart. I realize I have lived such a full, beautiful life. God has truly blessed me every step of the way.  As my daughter Natosha told me on the phone tonight.

Mom you only have to “Acknowledge” that regrets in life exist, but then you have to move on…. 

WOW, was that powerful and I really needed to hear that this evening.   Many of these photos were of my wedding on 8/3/2013   An immense time of great turbulence and regret in my life……  and then I realize the summation of every road I have traveled has brought me to this junction in life, right here, right now, at 46, where I can say I am happier than I have ever been!! Finally living my true dream of writing and selling photography.   Sure I have been a Realtor for 17 years and I LOVE that job. But I know there is more to life than always pleasing everybody else.  It’s due time for me to do what I love and enjoy and make a few bucks while at it.   I have had the best month in Real Estate ever since I began this business venture in 2000.   I am all set to get through the winter months, with the ability to pay my bills and sustain the farm!  I have decided I will take this down time to work on getting some of my work published and I am so EXCITED to see where it can go.   Ha ha ha, just like me getting side tracked, I merely wanted to share a picture I found of me and the kids in Pittsburgh, that I love it’s full of personality.  So here you go:3 amigos (2)

I have to get back to work on a book cover!!!!  I hope you all are chasing down the dream that makes your heart soar. Don’t invest the years that I have in only pleasing everyone else. Please for the sake of God, do what you love and keep at it until you succeed…  Promise me!!!!  #Ugotthis   To the grammer natzis out there, I will not apologize for my grammar or  flow here. I jotted this down in 10 minutes….  Just a few thoughts, raw, unedited….    Love you guys and thanks for your support in reading and commenting on my blogs!!!  Back to work I go!!!!


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Happy Birthday, Philippa Foot! — Ordinary Philosophy

‘Philippa Foot [, born on October 3rd, 1920, was] a philosopher who argued that moral judgments have a rational basis, and who introduced the renowned ethical thought experiment known as the Trolley Problem…’ William Grime’s New York Times obituary of this philosopher, far less widely known than she is influential, is an excellent introduction to […]

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Hume, Aristotle, and Guns — Ordinary Philosophy ~Repost~

As have many Americans, I’ve been mulling over the issue of ‘gun rights’ quite a bit recently. It’s a pressing issue in the United States since more people are injured and killed by citizens wielding guns than in any other state with a stable government and a thriving economy. It’s also a divisive issue, as it’s […]

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Repost ~

Basically, the foundation of all philosophy is mankind’s innate curiosity to gain an insight into his remote past, to establish the innate purpose of life and to attempt to create models for the future of mankind resulting from a keen study of the past and the present. However, the depth and quality of any philosophy […]

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Repost @julesevens Jung’s concept of shadow…….

If you enjoy my blog, please take a moment to support me on Patreon – click here. Vaiana confronts the shadow of alienated and daemonic nature, in Disney’s film Moana. When she confronts it with courage, she transforms it back into a kindly nature daemonIn October, I’m heading to the Amazon jungle in Peru to…

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