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Realtors life~

jp mills

Today started a lil somber; 8am weather was threatening my tin shanny again. I prayed for the Lord to keep me safe from hail and tornado’s then went about as usual. Routinely, grabbing a raspberry greek yogurt from the fridge, as the  mornings Columbian coffee aroma teased me. I sat at my wonderfully warn, re-purposed table and began reading today’s scripture. After quiet moments with the Lord, I made my rounds feeding the animals, being sure to brace them for the predicted coming storm. As I left Rocco’s pasture, I felt a need to pull out the writing materials all the unfinished stuff a writer has in her desk. We all do don’t we?  Today I thought I would accomplish a few pen strokes and complete at minimum, a few dark disasters I had started in previous months.  Its frustrating to be on the edge of inspiration then wake and find it gone. These complied beginning’s without ends were littering my desk….  Good Lord so many!  I chose one I really wanted to form into a complete story and began to write, edit, add to, delete, rewrite, I couldn’t get it right.  Something this day was not going to allow for, writing that is.  I stepped away on two occasions to clear my mind and sat back down, waiting, hoping for it to come….  When I realized it was near noon, I wondered where the morning had gone? Had I really sat staring at that screen and notebooks for 4 hours, without completing a single sentence?  Yep, I had!  Sometimes we find when writing in the raw emotion of a moment, its best left without edits.  You can overwork a write, just like an oil painting. Sometimes when you’re done, you look, read and wonder, what the HELL is that?  Crap, that’s what, crinkle it up and move on.

Today I did not have the choice, as I had a 3 O’clock Real Estate listing appointment to prepare for.  I knew I must be in my office by one to research comparables and get a presentation together. Yet I was at the kitchen table in my jammies still, really? Yikes! Okay regroup Belinda, get ur ass dressed and off to the office.  On this day in 88* humidity I choose a simple beige pair of cotton shorts paired with a purple, mid sleeved v-neck top. Scooped up my hair into a clip added a headband, then of course silver hoops and a cow bone necklace to complete my 10 minute “Get ready” attire.  Nope no makeup, that aint my style..  Never understood the women who puts on mascara and blush just for a grocery store run. Ugh! Why?

I grabbed my work computer, phone and file folders then  I’m off in the Chevy, right away I notice she’s running on “E” How dare I forget to fill her up when leaving Grand rapids last night… Dang sometimes I cant stand my own self, who does that?? Amused at my stupidity I begin to drive to town, praying I make it, pulled into the empty Coldwell Banker parking lot..  There to greet me are beautiful Annabelle Hydrangeas in full bloom.  Just that little picture of floral beauty perked up my day…. I’m pretty simple, aye??

This was an easy file, I had my presentation ready within the hr, knowing I had a full hour to spare. I scheduled BPO appointments for the coming week, reviewed the fair schedule for Miss Daisy our stinky lil pig…. Tee hee! Arranged rent collections for Deer Tracks Ranch check ins and……fixed a printer Jam surely created by Sue!!!!   Ugh how I hate that she does that then leaves it for the next agent to repair….  Dang women!!!!!!

Wow I was proud of myself…. From jammies at the kitchen table to bullet point check offs… YES!!!!!  Today was a good day!

I shut down and locked up the office heading now to my appointment on Wagonshutz Rd, Eastern Kalkaska county, near Crawford lake.   Fun thing about this business you’re never sure of the personalities you’ll greet at the door of a potential client.  I pulled in the drive and my phone went off, I knew it was him so I put it in park, killed the ignition and began to reply… Guess I was several minutes in when a weary man began down the drive. Atop his bleached hair was a “Veteran” Ball cap, eager and smiling at me. I waved to him and said I would be right there. “Send”.. off goes the text, leaving my phone in the truck, I get out to greet this courageous man.  We walk around his sprawling property of herb gardens and hardwood trails, as he talks to me about the improvements he’s made.  His wife joins us and points out the massive maples, sharing with me that they made maple syrup from these very trees every spring… I delight in her ramblings of eagerness..  I was sure to mention I had done the very same thing with my kids a few years back at a friend’s sugar shack (Something they were lacking, how do you do it without a shack?)  I guess I wondered out loud…  He began to tell me about the fires and large pots and hours of cooking down.  Seems like anything but a simple process…  The end results in real Maple Syrup, yummy, right?  Well not according to Grace and Elijah they prefer butter flavored Mrs. Butterworths….  Gosh darn kids!

Its time now to go inside and take pictures of their home, they extend a warm invite to the kitchen table and an ice cold glass of tap water.  On a steaming day like today, don’t gotta ask me twice. I quickly sat my files on the oblong oak table and gulped that water right down to the ice cubes.  Ahhh refreshing!  The home tour begins, just a normal 3 bedroom 2 bath manufactured home with a garage and porch.  Nothing extra special that drew me in.  It was within the husband and wife I was immediately drawn.  I was familiar to the peace that surrounded me, these were good folks!  No doubt, my gut told me so!  My favorite part of meeting new clients is the stories they freely share with me, as though they have known me for years, like extended family.  It makes my heart smile to know in my “Real Estate”  life strangers do not exist…  Sometimes it’s a burden; truly I have left appointments in tears… No kidding here, sometimes they unload on me, like they have been in a locked room with no human contact for years!  It’s a trip, but I always enjoy every moment… I can honestly say I have never left one of those appointments without a new listing.   They always love me!  What can I say, I’m good at what I do, NO shame in that all!!!!

As we were finishing up our two hour appointment, the Army veteran pulls out a book he has written and published about his tour of duty. We break into conversations of PTSD, war and friendships.  I can not talk of all the details; it just flowed so easily between the three of us.  Powerful stuff!!  His wife and I ended in tears and an embrace.  Yup!!  A few emotional ladies, torn by the hidden grief’s his book reveals.  So admirable of this man to share his story with what began as a perfect stranger, I’m a Realtor for Lords sake… I sometimes wonder what it is about me that openness just always happens. Got me, I’ve asked the Lord many times and he just leads me to new destinations all the time.  It’s strange how he makes my phone ring with new business when he knows my bank accounts low….  Sense of humor I tell ya!!  Always looking out for me, AMEN!!!

I wanna plug his book here, he’s so proud to have expressed his time in the Army on paper, and I admire him for his service and courage to open up and write about that portion of his life.  His book under a Sir Name is available locally in Northern Michigan at all Horizon books stores and online.  If you get a moment check it out on Amazon and Kindle. “Ordnance Corps”.. ~Without us the pride don’t ride~ No not spelled wrong it’s an Army term!!!!

God bless America and our Troops!!!  Love my job!!!

Sorry its scattered, (true to my life anyway) always scattered!!!!   I hate plans, spontaneities rule my life.  The more then better!!!   I was contemplating a quick write, while munching on my honey peanut butter and banana sandwich but was interrupted more than once by unplanned visitors  (Got a new basketball hoop delivered, woot-woot ) Basically much more to this Real Estate meeting, but too tired to write it all!  Been a long day and I need to prepare for sending Miss Daisy to the fair in the morning…. And put together a to-do list, do laundry, sweep, u get the picture….   Till next time!