Muskies Canada Partners with Wounded Warriors Canada — Catch and Release Muskie Fishing

Muskies Canada is proud to announce a new partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada to host a “Fishing in the Kawarthas” weekend at Scotsman Point Cottage Resort on Buckhorn Lake. Fishing in the Kawarthas will provide ill and injured Veterans and their families with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while fishing for muskellunge in the […]

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Autumn Salmon Fishing!!


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 4 am and my alarm goes off… UGH!!! The only time we get up that early is for hunting or fishing! Today it was not about me, Elijah was going out to East Bay in his dad’s boat, salmon fishing! Ready by 5:15 Elijah was all bundled up for the cold morning,  I gave him a kiss and out the door he went.  I said “Have a great time buddy”

10:30 came really quick, as I heard Elijah’s voice outside, I scratched my head and thought what the heck is he doing back so soon?  I would only expect such a short trip if you’re not catching fish.  Well yep, it’s true they weren’t….  I asked him if they were trolling with spoons, or what methods they were using?  Ah ma we casted and moved around a lot, well NO WONDERS!!!!  Not out in the bay  you should always try to T.R.O.L.L  first…  It’s late and most of the fish are likely to be in the river…. Well mama fixed that!!!!

We decided to drive back to Traverse City and fish the river behind the book store..  Took a lot of patience, the salmon at that point are just going to the weir to die, not interested in any flashing spoons, or spawn….. but….. Lil guy gave it all he had, fishing it for 2 hours, alongside 8 grown men and FINALLY, WHAM!!!!!!    There ya go thats what its all about!!! Beautiful fish, beautiful day, beautiful kid, that’s all 🙂  Good night!

Tightlines & Sunshine !!!

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A Visit with Kevin Vida~

kevin vida

“Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will.” ~ Unknown

9/3/2017 What an exceptional day it is when former FLW Pro Kevin Vida shows up in my back yard proceeding to spend over an hour chatting with Elijah and I about Bass tourneys!  It was really neat to meet yet another fellow angler, who totally encouraged me as women along with my 9 yr. old fishing partner to do tourneys for the 2018 season. Elijah took it all in, listening intently, learning a few lil bassin’ secrets as well as enjoyed a few KVD tour stories. It was an absolute blessing! Kevin is so humble and down to earth, I really liked him!

As he began to leave I said to him, “Hey man I don’t have an 80K bass boat, this is what I’m dealing with!” (We walk towards my 16’ Grumman) He looked at me, smiled, and said “Belinda I’ve seen more people win tournaments in boats lesser than this, you will be just fine!” Then he started to head down the drive, turning one last time, over his shoulder his final words were… “See you on the water next year.”  Talk about ear to ear grin, Elijah and I were both tickled by this surprise visit.

Got me to thinking! I have met SO many fishermen over the years and some who sadly have a very narcissistic view on being better than everyone else.  They get so caught up in “thinking” they are the best and fiercely compete for a win to feed their own egos, the lil hero’s that look up to and support them, get ignored, it disgusts me!!! How about taking a step back from your self-centered world to simply encourage a young angler like Elijah to follow his dreams and offer him some tips.. Or maybe send him some of your favorite baits…. Kevin was a complete stranger and offered more encouragement than anglers I have know for years. Truly a passionate sportsman who loves to see kids out on the water and away from electronics.

There is a HUGE difference between a fishing/angler gentleman of the sport and a cocky self-centered know it all.   I am very humbled by the visit we had last Sunday, life is a constant reminder that there are STILL good hearted people in this world.  For the record, for me it’s NOT about winning I could care less. I make my living selling Real-Estate. I have been fishing almost 40yrs it is a well-loved hobby that I am very passionate about.  I plan on doing the tourneys purely to encourage Elijah to follow his dreams.  Unlike some parents I never challenge my child’s dreams saying no way you can’t do it, you’re not good enough!  That is cruel and terrible verbal abuse to ANY child!!!  Just my opinion~  We are looking forward to what the 2018 season brings in our boat “Against all odds” fits  p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y  !!!!!!


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That college kid~ By Mark Zona

All I can say is after reading the following article, I have the chills.  I know in my heart what Marks describes as this kid is just a natural angler, my son Elijah (9yr) has a very promising future given the right opportunities by the right people… I will encourage and support his dream to my last breath is drawn!!!!! Talk about against all odds, I’m a single mother living on a shoestring budget, I have faith in him and that’s all I need … Read on….. *Taken from Bass master site I take no credit nor do I own the content below, just sharing for your viewing pleasure!


So here is a question I’ve gotten a lot over the last couple of years, “Hey Z, is that college kid the real deal?”

Hmm. Maybe right now is a good time to delve into that question just a bit, shall we?

I met young Jordan Lee when he was just a high school student. He introduced himself to me at a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament that was so long ago and far away, I can’t even remember where it was.

A year or so later, I returned to his neck of the woods to work an Elite Series event on Wheeler Lake. I was on the water covering tournament leader Jeremy Starks (yes, that long ago) when I noticed two young kids in a boat who followed Starks all day long. After a while I recognized the two young shadowers as Jordan and Matt Lee, and I could tell by how intently they studied Starks that there was something different about these kids: They were way into this pro fishing thing for a couple of youngsters.

I would later come to know the Lee brothers very well as Auburn University students who dominated the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series in 2012 and 2013.

Matt was the first of the two brothers to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic through the College Series. In fact, he edged his younger brother out in the bracket-style fish-off to earn a berth into the 2013 Classic.

Jordan, however, refused to let that be the Lee brothers’ College Series storybook ending – Jordan had a few more chapters in mind, which included storming right back through the College Series the following year, earning his own berth to the Classic.

And that really got my attention about Jordan Lee: In his mind, he would not be denied a Classis berth through the College Series, and he made damn sure he got his Classic ticket punched the following year.

While covering those college championships during the Lee reign, I began to realize that young Jordan Lee was light years ahead of his year class of anglers in many of the critical categories of tournament fishing.

After Jordan qualified for the Classic through the College Series, I remember telling Tommy Sanders that Jordan Lee was the next Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck of bass fishing and that we would be covering him until we retired.

When Tommy asked me why I said that, I explained to him that Jordan possessed an extremely unique combination of mental and physical attributes that makes him a one-in-a million.

For starters, at the college level, his mechanical abilities and skill set was exponentially better than his competition. Jordan grew up in an incredibly geographically diverse area of the country. From the clear waters of Lewis Smith Lake, to the grass of Lake Guntersville, to the currents of the Coosa River chain, he had been exposed to a lot of bass fishing’s most comprehensive playbooks, and he learned them all very well.

Secondly, Jordan is simply a naturally talented angler. This is hard to explain, but I can recognize it after watching an angler over a couple of tournaments – Jordan has that inherent feel of when to be where on the water.

Additionally, from a mental standpoint, Jordan is as solid and stone cold as a sniper. He has no emotion on the water – zero nerves. He is totally numb to all the buzz, hubbub, fireworks and clowns at the circus. He comes to tournaments to do one thing: catch bass – catch all the bass.

Most importantly, though – and I harp on this all the time in these blogs – Jordan has a voracious appetite for work on the water. He wants to be on the water daylight till dark eight days a week. Whenever I call Jordan, he is on the water and the only thing he wants to talk about is when he can get on the water again. Heck, a couple of days after he won the Bassmaster Classic I called him and he was on Lake Sam Rayburn fishing!

I get mowed over on a daily basis on how to become a pro angler: What do I need to do to be pro? How can I get sponsors? How can I get to the Elite Series?

I’ve said this before in these blogs and I’ll say it again right now: time on the water. You can’t trick this game, man. This is not a part-time gig out here. If you try to part-time it in the Elite Series, this group will hunt you down, find the cracks in your game, expose them, eat you up and spit you out.

I think a lot of people are in love with the idea of being a professional angler – Jordan Lee has put in the work to actually be one. He is on the practice field every day – even when it’s raining, even when it’s cold, even when there is no one else out there, even when no one else is watching – he is on the practice field.

Am I surprised “that college kid” won the Classic?

Absolutely not.

Lee displayed his ability for stunning comebacks in the very first Classic he fished as “that college kid” in 2014 when he started the event in 40th after Day 1 and caught back-to-back 24-pound bags to rocket to sixth place.

Jordan Lee has been the first angler in history to come from the Carhartt College Series, through the Opens, to the Elites and win the Bassmaster Classic in a span of just three years.

So let’s review the question: Is “that college kid” the real deal?

You be the judge.


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Three of the Top Bass Fishing Lakes in the United States — Steven Orr (Broker)

Since 1994, Steven Orr, a broker and money management professional, has served as president and owner of Orr Financial Group, located in Victoria, Texas. Away from his business endeavors, Steven Orr pursues a number of outdoor interests, including bass fishing. In recent years, bass has ranked as the most popular freshwater game fish in […]

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Summertime Bass Fishing With Frogs — Colorado Outdoors Online

Picture this: You cast out into the small opening in the weeds. The plastic frog barely hits the water when a 5-pound bass crushes it, throwing water everywhere. You pause a second then set the hook with all your might, sending the hooks solidly into the fish’s mouth. You crank as fast as you can, […]

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Bass Boy ~ Elijah John

I was raised by a single father whom adores the outdoors on the edge of any body of water…  I have instilled the love of fishing to all four of my children.  Each of them held their first Mickey mouse spinning reel on their 2nd Christmas.  Elijah though, this lil guy is somehow very special. He has the natural instinct to haul in fish after fish no matter where we are, what time of day, what bait he selects, the kid just rocks them bass!

He lives, breathes, dreams of fishing and being on the Pro circuit someday.  We have done a lot of research with the help of my friend Jason and I am very excited about the 2018 Season…  Elijah and I will be fishing tourneys in Northern Michigan!!!  Surely we will be the only Mother, Son team! A 10yr angler don’t seem like a threat to the adult male teams, but……..  Kids got it, I have 110% faith in him and his dream to succeed!

So excited for the coming year, he has taught me so much this summer… YES he has taught his 46 yr old mama some great tricks and fed my bass knowledge pool to the brim! Love this lil guy with all my heart!!!!!

Tightlines & Sunshine ~

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Too late. Lake warning — Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

It’s Monday. Time to get a wake. On the big scale of things, there’s a new Super Hero in town. No worming out of it, he’s a common man who recognized a challenge requiring effort against a boat load of odds. A new Bass Master has been crowned. (Or should that be wildly acclaimed at […]

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