No fear, all Faith.

If we feared nothing in life,  how would we feel alive?

I’m not sure how we survived Gracie’s vigorous golf cart driving skills..  but we did!  Made it to the 1933 beautifully restored fire tower.  110′ into the atmosphere we climbed,  clinging to the iron every step!  Elijah’s carefree steps lead us 3/4 of the way,  he’s a fearless lil spirited boy!!  Upon reaching the final platform he loudly proclaimed (with arms wide open) “Ma I feel like a bird,  free to fly away. ” It was a precious mama moment.

However Gracie’s reaction was polar opposite..  Although she was geared up in her hightop Nike’s so she could “Just Do It” I sensed the tension in her every white knuckled step.  The sweat beaded her brow,  she stopped several times,  breathing heavy on the edge of anxiety’s crutch.  Yet she pushed on flight after flight leading me..  I pondered whether she would actually get to the final platform.  I found my self a little excessive in asking if she was ok,  did she wanna keep going?  Each time the reverent response was “Yes,  ma give me a minute. ” ugh!

When her final step connected her to a view of insufficient glory,  she shrugged her shoulders,  took a depth breath and threatened to puke…  As she clung to that gray iron,  in sheer fear,  the wind began to blow,  a raven cut the sky above us,  chattering…  Grace let go of that iron and pointed off to a distant standing red barn..  Look mama its so beautiful!!

Another mama moment somehow squeezed into a crevis of my heart.  So glad I was able to help her face her fear of heights!!!  What an amazing moment for the three of us.

August 2016

#nofear #allfaith

Unplug Challenge :)

The love of my life… Nothing better than being a mother and being able to spend time in the great outdoors with your children.  When we can peel away the NOW of electronics, essentially completely unplug from the buzzin intensity of “Online” Social medias. Beautiful things happen!!  My son Elijah as you can see in the pic, has a great affection for horses, and I have a greater affection in my heart to just watch him with the majestic animals.  There is a flow of energy there between them, that no word could touch.  Its a spirit ebb of calming energy.  We call it Horse therapy!  It is not only a scientific proven fact that all animals relieve stress, just simply by one touch.  I am a  first hand believer as I have seen it with and through my son.   Horses for him are like the waters of the Manistee River to me, heals all, complete bliss to be in Gods country and just take a depth breath, exhale!

Then we have gracious Gracie Mae, the light of my camp fire mornings!  Such a joy and feel so blessed to live in beautiful Northern Michigan.  So many year around out door activities you can share. Its rumored to be called “Childhood memories in the making.”  Come on we all remember the wonderful times we had before: walkmans, record players, and Nintendo.   Ahhh a time when life was really grand and families were in a constant bonding, not glued to our iphones!!  I would encourage you to just take 2 weekends out of the coming season and take the “Unplugged” challenge!  Go buy your self a tent a few chairs, smore making goodies and go plop yourself on the bank of a river and camp your little hearts out!   *Dragging the  family  (if need be)  TRUST ME, it will be a grand time!  Catch fire flies, lay out under the stars, bring your guitar and play folk songs around the ring of fire…   Roast hot dogs, enjoy gooey smores!! YUM! Do a scavenger hunt, go on a nature walk and collect goodies.

Your kids will, above all  appreciate the time and devotion you have shown them while being “Unplugged”   So shut off the cell phone, leave the laptop at the office and go *Explore* to your hearts content. Bring it on Summer 2016 !!!