Lil’ Country Music for a Lil’ drive in the country!!!

Going Road trippin’ with some friends and they are stuck on country, so I guess Ill get a head start getting in the mood 🙂

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I Prevail… Alternative Rock 105.1

Been dialed into the local alternative rock all day, from the office to home. Took a short dinner break with a friend back home now and working on home improvement projects! Kind of a DIY junkie always doing something with power tools, or a paint brush, etc…  This genre keeps me motivated to get it done 🙂


A Cloudy Week of PTSD — Untangled

I want to wrap my mind and myself in a soft, comfy jacket, cover it with honey and hang out in a room with puppies, feeling the happy, drooling puppy breath that brings smiles from oozing love. I want to naturally exhale after taking a deep breath, not having to consciously remind myself to breathe, […]

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I’ll Be Your Coffee — Universe Of The Unspoken Repost~

“I’ll be your coffee” I said to him as he stared at me from across the table. The light in the room was dim and the aroma of crushed coffee beans filled the room. Somewhere in the distance a window broke. “You’ll call me coffee because you know I’m bitter and some people dislike me […]

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Happy Birthday, Philippa Foot! — Ordinary Philosophy

‘Philippa Foot [, born on October 3rd, 1920, was] a philosopher who argued that moral judgments have a rational basis, and who introduced the renowned ethical thought experiment known as the Trolley Problem…’ William Grime’s New York Times obituary of this philosopher, far less widely known than she is influential, is an excellent introduction to […]

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Hume, Aristotle, and Guns — Ordinary Philosophy ~Repost~

As have many Americans, I’ve been mulling over the issue of ‘gun rights’ quite a bit recently. It’s a pressing issue in the United States since more people are injured and killed by citizens wielding guns than in any other state with a stable government and a thriving economy. It’s also a divisive issue, as it’s […]

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Repost ~

Basically, the foundation of all philosophy is mankind’s innate curiosity to gain an insight into his remote past, to establish the innate purpose of life and to attempt to create models for the future of mankind resulting from a keen study of the past and the present. However, the depth and quality of any philosophy […]

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Repost @julesevens Jung’s concept of shadow…….

If you enjoy my blog, please take a moment to support me on Patreon – click here. Vaiana confronts the shadow of alienated and daemonic nature, in Disney’s film Moana. When she confronts it with courage, she transforms it back into a kindly nature daemonIn October, I’m heading to the Amazon jungle in Peru to…

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