Beauty if not in the eye of the beholder, is always in the heart of a mother!




As a mother it is very difficult to get the 3:30 am calls from a child away from home. One of despair, where she is struggling to find her place in this world. When she feels she can’t simply fit into her surroundings and just wants to give up! What is a mother to do? The only thing she can do, tell her how much she loves her and how very proud she is of her. That she is beautifully and uniquely made, and an original Mercado Clan Warrior!

Further you can only warn her about those men that just cannot handle a well made women. A women of ethics, intelligence, beauty and independence.  So many times she feels she has fallen short. Not true, she is so young and cannot grasp the ability to realize she is formed in the way God has made her and she IS enough… Just because they do not take the time to see it, does not mean she is not a beautiful young women with a bright future in front of her. Or maybe they do see it, and it frightens them?  Sometimes the hazy reflections are created by the deep seated insecurities of the viewer. Not instituted by the world’s view of you. Be strong, know that you have the ability to SURVIVE this too!

This young lady has made me so proud, the first of the family to pursue a PHD! Just because one comes from a broken home and tragic upbringing does not mean you are not capable of making a worthy life. One in which you can look back on and be proud that you made the right decisions,  no matter how painful the journey has been. When you can pick yourself up after the world continuously knocks you down, you are well made and a survivor! Never stop trying!!!  Natosha, I love you so much and you are worthy, it is NOT you!!!! You are and always will be beautiful to me, I love you!!

A Prose for  my darling daughter~

There is no love like that of a mother for her child.

There is no pain that cuts deeper than that of a mother, hurting for her child.

There is no amount of worry more troublesome then that of a mother for a child in despair.

There are no words to describe disconnect a mother feels after a 3 am call, when she cannot find the right ways to lift up her child from the clutches of depression.

There is no fear greater than that of a mother who is helpless in helping when she is needed.

There is no greater regret than that of a mother who feels she cannot rescue her child from life’s cruelties.

Because there is no love like a mothers love for her child,  she can only pray for contentment and protection over her child.

~*~ It is an insurmountable ache for a mother when a child feels they are not good enough to be loved~*~

Life is so short, please always express to your family and close friends how much they mean to you and how lucky you are to know them….. Life is a winding road, full of choices, we all have regrets. Just do your best! Being a mother is a beautiful thing, but it is never easy!!!!


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