Bass Boy ~ Elijah John

I was raised by a single father whom adores the outdoors on the edge of any body of water…  I have instilled the love of fishing to all four of my children.  Each of them held their first Mickey mouse spinning reel on their 2nd Christmas.  Elijah though, this lil guy is somehow very special. He has the natural instinct to haul in fish after fish no matter where we are, what time of day, what bait he selects, the kid just rocks them bass!

He lives, breathes, dreams of fishing and being on the Pro circuit someday.  We have done a lot of research with the help of my friend Jason and I am very excited about the 2018 Season…  Elijah and I will be fishing tourneys in Northern Michigan!!!  Surely we will be the only Mother, Son team! A 10yr angler don’t seem like a threat to the adult male teams, but……..  Kids got it, I have 110% faith in him and his dream to succeed!

So excited for the coming year, he has taught me so much this summer… YES he has taught his 46 yr old mama some great tricks and fed my bass knowledge pool to the brim! Love this lil guy with all my heart!!!!!

Tightlines & Sunshine ~

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