My Take DiVoran Lites Herd animal, grazer, Needs other horses Or a goat Or a dog Or a gentle human Big soft eyes Long Eyelashes Easy gait Follows faithfully without complaint. Long-legged foals. Horse therapy. Horse sense. Photography by Melody Hendrix

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IMHO, if you simply condemn those you disagree with, if you simply stay within the confines of a self-affirming tribe—never striving to see that if for a different set of circumstances, you may very well have become that person you condemn—then you condemn yourself to a life that runs in endless circles. Evolution may SEEM to be taking […]

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Shes happy.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is world-renowned for her so-called “mysterious” smile. Her inscrutable gaze follows you throughout the room she’s housed in, at Paris’s Louvre Museum, encased behind a protective glass barrier as hordes of tourists each day crowd close to her 16th century oil-painted visage. For decades, popular culture and art historians have…

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In just one more instance of the unpredictable events of 2017, scientists have noticed that some humpback whales are gathering in puzzling “super-groups” of up to 200 animals, instead of their usual small crew. The majestic whales, known for their annual migration, are generally considered pretty solitary, even their migratory pods have tended to be…

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PixabayMaybe you scare them because you’re assertive. Because you don’t start things you can’t finish, because you don’t promise anything you can’t deliver and because you’re one of the few people who actually mean what they say, who still value words just as much as actions and you’re still one of the few people who…

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