Beautiful Women


Alone I suspend loops

as though time stood still for but a moment

during the setting sun on my river

The ray gleams off the surface and comforts my soul

Its there that I find the peace needed to overcome a broken heart

Reflecting on the loops, I see perfection, I hear the wisp of the line as it cuts the invisible.

My mind only sees the “Beautiful Women”

My heart feels the pain

My soul its MY soul that deciphers the real

I am a human being made of salt and water

I wander, this forest over, I follow the rivers in search of peace

The river currents hide all from me yet I know.

When it rains the currents are to swift for the soul

My soul its slow, therefore I must wait

I challenge the fly and dress the line

Memories of past drifts fill my mind

Learning with every drift

I hope for a rise

The water glides on by me

Not stopping

Not asking

Not caring

It drifts by in self-centered time

I will learn to find peace

Until then my mind continues to see the beauty of a finely dressed fly

While my heart falls, it feels the pain of the barb

I am caught, “Beautiful women”

The forest will be cut

my river is too swift to walk on the stones now, to elude you

I no longer suspended loops over the sunset currents

I return to dust vigilantly

I rest on the bank of the river

Snagging the finely dressed fly

So that the barb will not hurt the hearts of many

I am caught “Beautiful Women”

RJM 5/15/2003

*This collection I will call “Heart & Soul of many”

Written for me, not by me, Enjoy!





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Milky-way Mystery


I love the stars, I love looking up,

I love looking at the milkyway late at night

When all is calm

Just keep looking and wondering

How it happened

And why it is ours for the moment

The moments too short

The milkyway is forever

As we see it, it is our lifetime

Forever really is forever

It is beyond our scope


We look up at the stars and do not know how many are dead

We still see the light

It’s the light of the dead star

Or is it dead


See we will never know

We are not supposed to know

We should enjoy it to the fullest and not worry

The stars do not worry


They shine their brightest every night just for us

When they die, they die a peaceful death without telling us

Their light will shine on us for billions of years after their death


It shines, shines, shines

I will shine in you just like that star

Even though I cannot be seen today, you will know that I shine

Even though I am gone, it is but only for a moment


Because like the star you can depend on me to return

Just as the star returns every night

Look deep into your soul when in despair

I will shine through and give you happiness

You may not see me, like the clouds that hid those stars

You and I knew they were there


I too will be there, just look and you will see

Behind that cloud is the treasure

The treasure is not silver or gold

It is not the gemstones of the kings crown

It is not the finest paintings

It is not the finest clothes of the Queens gown

It is nothing you can see

Oh no, it is much more valuable than that

Look into my eye and only you will see

The finest of treasures the rulers of our world couldn’t ever see.

“This” can only be felt with the heart and you sweetheart are it’s key.

Milky-way ~ Mystery

~*~Belinda Ann~*~

Nite notes 2015


Copyright 2016  by Belinda Mercado no reproduction without prior consent

No Bottom


The drive back without you was long and dark

My heart dwells on you

It’s only been minutes since I left you

I look over, you’re not there, but I see your long dark beautiful hair

The drive back without you was long and dark

My soul dwells on you

Its been hours now since I left you

I look around the corner and you’re not there

I long to feel your dark hair

The drive back without you was long and dark

My heart dwells on the past

Its been days now since I left you

The tin can walk and talks as though everything is fine

The drive back without you was long and dark

It seems like weeks now since I last saw you

I long for a kiss on the cheek

You hear the coins bounce, as you toss them in

Sunday night we say “I love you” and I drive back without you

My heart aches, I play the blues to sooth it

My heart feels alone, my mind says no!

Tomorrow I’ll feel your  hair

Tomorrow I’ll hold your hand

Tomorrow I’ll kiss your cheek

Tomorrow you cant hear the  coin bounce, it falls into eternity

The is no bottom to me, when you’re here with me



ND~ 2015

*This collection I will call “Heart & Soul of many”

Written for me, not by me, Enjoy!

He said it was a song he wrote for me, tho I never had the pleasure of hearing him play it.

My River


20150518_111050My river`

The loss feels like another fish taken from my river

I’m running out of fish

What I’m really saying is “I look at my life as it were a river full of life.”

Everyone I associate with is part of that river,

Whether I  like them or not

Even though it is full of life, the life it holds can

Be caught and not returned.

All my loved ones live in the biggest log jams

or deepest holes.

When they are taken from behind that log jam they can never be replaced.

It remains empty, behind  every cast of my fly

In the west bank log jam

remains the memories of you which call out to me

The rain of tears stains the water clear.

I see you there

Its pouring  now and the water is staining, deep!

I wanted you to know that I

Can see you behind the biggest log jam and

It is my pleasure to forever keep you as part of

My river`


*This collection I will call “Heart & Soul of many”

Written for me, not by me, Enjoy!



As the moon hangs above us

I think of you

I dreamt of our meadow on top of the knoll last night

I think of you

Your head nestled in my arms’ I feel you

I kiss your forehead under your universal glow

I feel you

My name glows there

I need you

The closing summer breeze washed us on the shore of Fife

I sleep next to you

Gentle fingers trace my face

I sleep next to you

Your fingers run in my hair while dreaming of you

You give me peace to sleep

You give me peace to sleep

The skin of your thigh is so soft

I awake

You feel me against your thigh

I awake

I am rested


I am rested

thank you

ND~ 2015

*This collection I will call “Heart & Soul of many”

Written for me, not by me, Enjoy!

When Two Damaged People Love Each Other

These are the ways we love each other.We are sitting in the same room, not talking. You are playing video games and killing dark things on screen, whilst I am writing away every violent memory that has crept through my mind in the last ten minutes. There is no pressure of conversation. There is no necessity in this. It is simply being and we are both dealing with our demons in our own ways. The difference is, we understand that – without talking about it.

We are leaving a restaurant in the middle of London, after a beautiful day and I see him, the man who haunts my memories. My whole body withers in fear and as you look up in his direction, he is gone like he was never there, just a memory. You wrap your arm around me as we walk, not asking any questions just understanding. Later, Facebook reminds you of a memory you would much rather forget, and as I pull you close into a hug, I can feel the storm shaking inside your body.

We are in a Doctor’s office and you’re silent. I know how much you hate it here and how everything about this place makes you need to hold the broken pieces of you together even more fiercely. I touch your hand and you look up at me, lost, then look away again. The silence isn’t the problem. The memories are, and it takes someone who hates being in this room as much as you do understanding that. You say to me “I’m sorry I brought you with me.” I smile and squeeze your hand tight. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I didn’t fall in love with you because you were perfect. I fell in love with you because you were so honest and you never ever hid your damage.

We are lying in bed, both wide awake, not sleeping. Caught between nightmares and the moon, the Sandman has forgotten us completely. After a while of restless shifting, you get up and go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I stay in bed and watch the ghosts of our pasts shift in our bed, waiting for you to return. When you do, we chase them away with a midnight film – an old black and white movie. We both know that getting uptomorrow is going to be a pain, that we will be exhausted at work – but there is no fighting insomnia when it is immersed in our bodies so deeply.

Some days, we look at each other like we are about to say something and then stop – almost as if the clock in our heads have told us not to speak about it yet. The difference is, there is no pressure to speak about it until we are ready.

You see, the way we love is different because we are broken. Whilst others love in flowers and songs and conversation, we love in silence and helping each other pick up the pieces. Our love is a quiet journey in healing. Our love is where we wait for the other to fix themselves and help them grow slowly.
You see, we are damaged, so we love a bit differently. These ways in which we say ‘I love you’ aren’t perfect. But they are balm for healing, a balm for dark memories.

You once asked me, “How can you love something as broken and damaged and unhinged as me?”

It’s easy, my darling, you are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are shooting stars and comets.



Not my work, yet to beautiful not to share!!! My only credit is the Photo !