I Wish Society Would Stop Lying To Little Boys

I wish society would stop telling little boys that showing emotion is the same thing as being a girl. And being a girl is the same thing as being weak.

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I went to sleep last night, seemed to me that i was awake,

Clear were all things, not the same as would be a dream.

So far i did walk as seconds appeared to be a journey forever,

There were as i traveled odd and unusually mixed up scenes.

I heard your voice out there but what direction was not clear,

No control over where i am, my sleeping mind guides my way,

I was brought to you, I found you in the dark, darkness has gone.

Keith Garrett

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“Leap Day”

The Struggling Writer


I think we can all agree that Facebook is a pretty brutal and terrible place, especially if you don’t use the “unfollow” feature on certain friends and family. It is what it is, I guess. Every once in a while, though, it posts some interesting stuff from the “On this day feature”. Such as the one below. Past me was way funnier than current me.

Last night I hastily captured in my iPod some notes on a novel I’m planning, from an idea that came to me in a dream. Here’s one of them: “Each family gets a bare-bones dork room”.

Nobody steal that one from me, okay?

I never did write that novel about the “bare bones dork room”. Interesting enough (debatable, I know) I am currently planning a novel. Seems like I was doing the same on the last leap day.  May I not, however, waste the next…

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11/366 : February Music List and #musicmonday : Kings of Convenience

Love in my Life

Made a big decision this month after a long thought, had sleepless nights and mental-physically drained. So this month was quite nostalgic for me. I kept playing my old playlist. I think my brain had memory in pain and hurt that happen that years and easily pampered by these songs.

only someone
who’s morally
superior can possibly
and honestly deserve
to rule my world

explain to me one more time
when they kill it’s a crime
when you kill it is justice

Rule my Worlds | Kings of Convenience –

Failure is always the best way to learn,
retracing your steps untill you know,
have no fear your wounds will heal.

Failure| Kings of Convenience –

Dreams burn, but in ashes are gold

24-25 | Kings of Convenience –

ps. Try to write #musicmonday regularly, inspired by Dita.

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