Why are we honoring him? repost@J.M.

This is a post that I really don’t want to write, but I also really think it must be written. I don’t want to write it because I’m a lifelong music fan. Like so many people, I love the Beatles. I listen to them frequently and play their songs for my kids. I want to…

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18 Things We Need To Seriously Stop Settling For In 2018 — Thought Catalog

Alex Iby1. Unhealthy friendships that make you feel terrible about yourself. Let go of the relationships in your life that only make you think and believe bad things about yourself. 2. Arm candy just to seem like you aren’t lonely. Stop trying to fill your void with other people or other bodies. Instead, fill your…

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A Surprise Along the Lewis and Clark Trail — exploRVistas

When Lewis and Clark first formed the Corps of Discovery, it consisted of 59 people and one dog. Most were military men, but some were civilians. Of those, Sacajawea, her husband Charbonneau, and their baby Jean Baptiste are probably the best known. Another who has often been written about was an interpreter and fur trapper […]

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Running a trapline~

elijah fox 1

Elijah has been learning how to run a trapline this year. He trapped and killed his first fox yesterday, after a not so great day on the water, this was rewarding!! I can’t think of a better way for a little boy to spend his childhood years, than being outside and learning how people survived many years ago. Trappers survived by running lines for beaver, fox, coyote, mink, rabbit, etc.  They would check lines every day and unlike today where you can drive site to site, back then they had to traverse by horseback.  Just checking a line could take 2 days.

I think it is really important for my children to know, life is a lot of work!  You don’t just get everything handed to you, you must work for it.  When you can introduce them to the pioneer type living and shed light on how others lived back then, they begin to appreciate how we live in modern america today.  So easy, we are spoiled by technology! Just the simple act of flipping a light switch, instead of going through the strides to light a oil lamp when arriving home….  We take so much for GRANTED……

I realize this isn’t everybody’s thing, but if you like to deer hunt, thats a good start.  Why not expand your love of the outdoors and nature and try running a trapline to see if you enjoy it? Always helps if you have a good relationship with a fur buyer. There are not many local to us anymore, makes it more difficult to get a buyer.  This is not for the “Lazy” or busy individual. You have to check your lines EVERY day, no exceptions. Although this is a seasonal activity, it is also a dying trade. Do your part to keep our ancestors way of living alive!  If you’re afraid of hard work, don’t even attempt this, this is not for the weak at heart either. It takes dedication, persistence, and Integrity! You need to make sure you do it correctly, we need it to be as humane as possible!

I recommend you do research locally where you live, to see what you are allowed to harvest and when.  Also read up on the “methods” allowed in your area, because they do differ.  Make it a family tradition, with your spouse, son or daughter. Then get out there and run a line…

{I hope he has the opportunity to trap a beaver this winter, now that’s a real treat. My favorite pair of slippers are made from a beaver pelt, an old friend and I trapped several years ago. }


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Book cover choices… hoo hum!

Good Lord am I having a hard time!!  Trying to pick a book cover for my first ever book (short story) that is being published !!!!! Yeah! Im taken back going through my online photos, they are all putting a smile in my heart. I realize I have lived such a full, beautiful life. God has truly blessed me every step of the way.  As my daughter Natosha told me on the phone tonight.

Mom you only have to “Acknowledge” that regrets in life exist, but then you have to move on…. 

WOW, was that powerful and I really needed to hear that this evening.   Many of these photos were of my wedding on 8/3/2013   An immense time of great turbulence and regret in my life……  and then I realize the summation of every road I have traveled has brought me to this junction in life, right here, right now, at 46, where I can say I am happier than I have ever been!! Finally living my true dream of writing and selling photography.   Sure I have been a Realtor for 17 years and I LOVE that job. But I know there is more to life than always pleasing everybody else.  It’s due time for me to do what I love and enjoy and make a few bucks while at it.   I have had the best month in Real Estate ever since I began this business venture in 2000.   I am all set to get through the winter months, with the ability to pay my bills and sustain the farm!  I have decided I will take this down time to work on getting some of my work published and I am so EXCITED to see where it can go.   Ha ha ha, just like me getting side tracked, I merely wanted to share a picture I found of me and the kids in Pittsburgh, that I love it’s full of personality.  So here you go:3 amigos (2)

I have to get back to work on a book cover!!!!  I hope you all are chasing down the dream that makes your heart soar. Don’t invest the years that I have in only pleasing everyone else. Please for the sake of God, do what you love and keep at it until you succeed…  Promise me!!!!  #Ugotthis   To the grammer natzis out there, I will not apologize for my grammar or  flow here. I jotted this down in 10 minutes….  Just a few thoughts, raw, unedited….    Love you guys and thanks for your support in reading and commenting on my blogs!!!  Back to work I go!!!!


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Learning as I get older~

Taylor Bryant1. I’m learning that my power really lies in my reactions. I’m finally seeing that not every little thing that bothers me deserves a reaction. I’m learning that no matter what the outcome of a situation is, I’m always able to walk away from it with a better understanding of myself. I’m finally realizing…

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